Sometimes I hate I learned loving. And as once in a blue moon-y sometimes is, it hurts learning more.

I am in love with this boy. More than yesterday, today, and hopefully forever.
Say hello to Mongolian Beef - one of the easy recipes from yummy.ph  . I wish my version as yummy as it should be. ✌️
Sinigang na Boneless Bangus Sa Miso. 🐟
Kunyari Friday today. #veggies #homecooked
Battle scar from cooking. Damn you crispy fried pork belly! #battlescar

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27th. http://wp.me/s1ycyo-27thView Post #birthday #maelfatalis
Palengke QueenEvery Monday is designated palengke day. Since (I’m supposed to have) good night sleep, Monday is…View Post
Grocery dates.I was a firm believer of hoarding.
During the days when I still live with the  mother I’d simply…View Post

The Night Shift

 I’ve been working in the night shift since time memorialI reached 18 and I must say that I am enjoying it. I wouldn’t say I am nocturnal, though. I simply enjoy going to work without rubbing elbows inside breath-or-you-get-out PUV’s. I get to go to the…

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